Which Cymbals Should I Buy?

Which Cymbals Should I Buy?

This is one of those questions which you should decide own your own which is the right choice for you. most people just see big player and want cymbals like them. however you may like cymbals that big players like i don’t say that you should not like or buy them. but don’t go on the “showoff” line. You should only buy cymbals that you feel that this cymbals are right for you. Now if you are a beginner you should consider buying a starter pack but if you have money so you should definitely consider buying a hi-end cymbal. these are some companies and you can look at and decide which one you like.

  1. Helping musicians get the most out of their kits for decades now, Sabian cymbals are at the forefront of cymbal innovation, quality and design. If you’re building your own kit or just looking to replace a few parts, you’re definitely in the right place.  Sabian was founded in 1981 when Robert Zildjian had a falling out with his brother over their cymbals, and quickly grew the business into one of the top manufacturer’s in the world. Now with multiple product lines focusing on various distinct sounds like modern, vintage and creative, Sabian are the preferred cymbal designer of musicians everywhere.

    With an enormous selection of crash, hi-hat, ride, splash, effect and China cymbals here, knowing what you’re looking for will definitely help you narrow down your options. Are you looking for crash cymbal that explodes with sound on stage? Check out the AAXplosion Crash Cymbal. Featuring a sleek response-driven design that promotes a fiery attack, this crash is polished with a brilliant finish for a look that can’t be ignored. If you’re after a ride cymbal that will define your setup, you have to take a look at the AA Bash Ride Cymbal Brilliant. Oversized in design, with an overall bright tone, the AA was made for the drummer that needs to be heard. Known for its dry sustain and “stage-eating” sound, this cymbal lets you go to town when you’re playing.

    There are even a number of full packs available that have already done all the leg-work for you. Pre-combining a mix of cymbals in a variety of arrangements, all designed to work fluidly together, you simply need to pick a pack and you’re good to go.

    If you want to know how good Sabian cymbals are, you simply need to look at the long list of artists that use them. Legendary drummer Neil Peart of RUSH, Chad Smith of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Tom Petty’s Stephen Ferrone, Shannon Larkin of Godsmack, Coheed & Cambria’s Chris Pennie and so many more all choose to have Sabian as part of their kits. If you want to sound like the drummers you aspire to be, these cymbals are a great place to start.

    link to their website is here 

When your name means “son of cymbal maker” you had better be good at making cymbals. Fortunately for Zildjian, they’re arguably the best in the world. Started in Constantinople in 1623, Zildjian has grown to international status over the past several centuries become the most recognized name in cymbal quality and innovation.

Offering a huge selection of crash, ride, hi-hat, splash, effect and China cymbals, you should start by considering your exact needs for your kit in order to narrow things down. If you have a versatile cymbal that can keep up with your fast style of play at the top of your list, then you should definitely consider the A Series Sweet Ride Cymbal. Literally the world’s most popular cymbal, this bright, expressive ride offers medium overtones that can go from softer patterns to crashing explosions with ease. Often copied but never duplicated, this cymbal is an absolute show-stopper. If, on the other hand, you’re looking to explode on stage with sound and style, you need to spend some time with the ZXT Trashformer Cymbal. Ultra-thin with a bent design that creates its signature trashy sound, this uniquely gradated cymbal blasts audiences with sound and color unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.

If you’re searching for something truly spectacular though, check out the K Custom Dark Crash Cymbal. With a traditional look and a warm, shimmering sound, this crash has stunning sustain, dominating volume, and a quicker attack with trashy overtones. Loved by drummers everywhere, this crash blends classic and contemporary styles.

As well, if you’re looking to revamp your kit altogether there are full packs available. Mixing and matching a variety of cymbals for you, these packages ensure all the pieces complement each other, taking the guesswork out of it for you. Every package offers something slightly different, so make sure you check them all out before making a decision.

Because Zildjian is the largest cymbal maker in the world, it’s no wonder the list of professionals that use their products is so long. Roger Taylor of Queen, Sting’s Rhani Krija, Travis Barker of Blink-182 and the Transplants, Pete Parada of The Offspring and so many more all proudly rock out with Zildjain as part of their setups. If you’re serious about drumming, these cymbals should be at the top of you kit list.

link to their website is here 



With a clean, crisp, instantly recognizable sound, Meinl dominates the cymbal industry. Expertly crafted by a team consisting of drummers themselves, they make each cymbal with percussionists’ needs in mind using a diverse selection of alloys. Distinct in look and tone, Meinl doesn’t mess around when it comes to their signature sound.

Started in Germany in the early 1950s, Meinl has always been known for the quality of their cymbals. Growing quickly throughout Europe, and soon after expanding internationally, Meinl became one of the largest manufacturers of cymbals in the world, celebrated by artists in all genres of music. Continuously training their team of skilled craftsmen and constantly innovating and experimenting, Meinl’s drive is to push the limit on what a cymbal can do.

Offering everything from ride and crash cymbals to China, hi-hat, splash and effect cymbals, Meinl prides themselves on the variety of the alloys they use. Basically, if you can’t find what you’re looking for with Meinl, you probably won’t find it anywhere. With such a wide selection, the best place to start is probably with your direct needs as a percussionist.

In need of a reliable crash cymbal that will add volume to every performance? Then you’re looking for the MB20 Heavy Crash. With explosive power and outstanding sustain, the MB20 also has a brilliant finish ensuring it looks as good as it sounds. After something that delivers as much of a punch visually as it does sonically? Take a look at the Byzance Dark Hi Hats. With an untreated finish and hand-made construction, these cymbals look and sound raw, adding an earthy tone to your music. There are even full sets available, like the HCS Super Cymbal Pack, which combine a variety of cymbals that complement each other’s sound.

Used by drummers like Tommy Clufetos of Ozzy Osbourne and Rob Zombie, Moe Carlson of Protest The Hero, Brann Dailor of Mastadon, death metalist Jaska Raatikainen of Children of Bodom and so many more, these cymbals give every one of their performances a little more crash and bang. If you’re looking for the same, Meinl can definitely accommodate.

link to their website is here


Originally founded in 2003 by the legendary drummer, percussionist, and entrepreneur, Iki Levy, after struggling to address frustrations with the major cymbal manufacturers over quality issues. “I wanted to use the best products possible, and I had the opportunities, but I was not happy with anything those companies were producing – even with my product endorsements,” reports Iki. “The blend of the metals we use is our own process that employs a balance of proper weight and tone properties. This creates the real difference between Soultone Cymbals and any other brand.”
Iki’s performances include work with Thomas Dolby, Jann Arden, Midge Ure, Paula Abdul, Tracy Chapman, Donna Summer and the now cult-hit, Disney’s High School Musical, as well as many others. His approach crosses over each style and genre of music when it comes to sound quality. Originally, as the proprietor of the Los Angeles, CA drum specialty shop, The Drum Connection, he put his first Soultone models on the showroom floor with actual drums so that customers could try them as opposed to hanging them on a display. “The reaction was huge,” Iki continues, “and I could not produce them fast enough to meet the demand for even my own shop. I was not afraid to have high standards and wanted to create the very best quality.” Iki maintains a strict “120% perfection” policy in that each cymbal must meet his own specific quality controls. He does not sell anything that is not already exceeding expectations – if it is not perfect; it goes back to his facility.

link to their website is here


Driven by the love of music, Paiste produces state-of-the-art cymbals so drummers and percussionists can expand upon their creativity with no bounds. Pioneers in the industry, Paiste focuses on research and craftsmanship to produce cymbals that create a variety of sound dimensions.

A family company that has always kept up with changing times, Paiste was founded by Michail Toomas Paiste in Russia in 1901. After closing due to the Russian Revolution, Paiste and his son reopened in 1917 and made cymbals for concerts and marching bands. The son, Michail, eventually took over, remarkably keeping the business alive through wartime, even winning international acclaim for his development of Turkish cymbals. A manufacturing base was set up in Switzerland in 1957. The company expanded further when Paiste America was established in the USA in 1981.

For over seventy years Paiste has been an innovator introducing the use of Chinese style cymbals for a drum set in 1949, the bell-less flat ride cymbal in 1967, and the first color coated cymbals in 1984. In their Swiss production facility Paiste still employs traditional hand craftsmanship using their time-honored method for their professional series. They made a breakthrough in 2005 as they began using digital technology in their German production facility to transfer the essence of hand manufactured cymbals to those produced by modern hi-tech production techniques.

As Paiste has grown, drummers on the world stage have turned to them for their cymbal needs. Today numerous high profile artists play with Paiste cymbals: Frank Beard (ZZ Top); Stewart Copeland (The Police); Patrick Carney (The Black Keys); Patrick Keeler (The Raconteurs); Abe Laborial Jr (Paul McCartney); and more all use Paiste cymbals to drive the beat.

With many cymbals to choose from, Paiste provides drummers and percussionists lots of options when setting up their kits. There is something special about the sound you get from the Signature Full Crash. Known for its bright sound, it cuts through loud music and is great for everything from school bands to symphonies. If you’re more of a rocker, the Full Ride sings at the touch of your stick and has the clear tone that is ideal when you need to break through the rest of the band. The 2002 Power Ride is referred to by some as the “King of Ping” for its musicality and superb bell and is best suited for big kits. When you’re playing at a small venue or if you play a variety of music styles, the Alpha Sound Edge Hi-hat Pair is versatile and responsive, making it superb for everything from soundtracks to school bands.

From its early development of Turkish cymbals and gongs to using technology to improve sound, Paiste still continues to research and experiment. Whether coming up with a new alloy or a different shape, the company takes a creative approach to product development. Sparked by the complexities of music and the quest for expression, Paiste continues to evolve as they manufacture professional grade cymbals that are recognized internationally.

link to their website is here


Introducing the TRX™ Cymbals—the first and only line of genuine, handcrafted Turkish cymbals specifically developed to provide the extreme tonal, performance, and appearance characteristics demanded by today’s progressive drummers and drumming styles. To bring this ancient art to modern artists, TRX blends our state-of-the-art designs with traditional Turkish materials and manufacturing methods. This unique combination offers contemporary players legendary Turkish quality, consistency, versatility, and variety while also giving them a full range of fresh, exciting, musically relevant sounds to choose from.

In fact, with TRX’s Original Series—DRK, MDM, and BRT—classified on the basis of their distinctively different tone qualities, drummers are now free to pick their cymbals based solely on sound and application instead of hype. And, since they are all produced from our exclusive B20-Plus bronze formula and handcrafted by our master cymbalsmiths, every TRX cymbal not only performs brilliantly on an individual basis, each cymbal can also be easily combined with other models, sizes, and series to create a virtually unlimited variety of highly personal yet completely complementary cymbal sets.
In the past few years, TRX has further expanded its spectrum of sound—and drummers’ tonal options—with new models designed to meet the ever-changing needs of contemporary players, including the ALT, LTD, NRG, and SFX Series as well as the exclusive ICON and Dark Icon lines.
Strong, young newcomers, TRX custom-crafted Turkish cymbals are available in a wide selection of types, weights, sizes, and finishes to fit the widest spectrum of sounds and situations—from Jazz, R&B, and World music to Country, Punk, Pop and Rock…whatever you play now or whatever comes next.

link to their website is here

Here are some cymbal companies that you might wanna look into and there are more companies but these companies are internationally noticed. But don’t ever hesitate to try new things : )

Thank You.


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