Which Cymbals Should I Buy?

Which Cymbals Should I Buy? This is one of those questions which you should decide own your own which is the right choice for you. most people just see big player and want cymbals like them. however you may like cymbals that big players like i don't say that you should not like or buy... Continue Reading →


Twenty One Pilots – Holding Onto you Drum Backing Track

Twenty One Pilots - Holding Onto you Drum Backing This is the first ever online Twenty One Pilots Holding Onto You drum backing Track on the internet. Yes the other Backing Tracks are Covers That also you have to pay For it. I'm giving you for free, you guys would be wondering how i got... Continue Reading →

10 Best Drums Under $700 in 2017

10 Best Drums Under $700 ! So This Year You want to buy new drums but Have limited Money. Don't worry! This Blog is for you. This Blog is only for Drums, hardware maybe included by company if included i will write down then.Cymbals not included. As you Know they alone cost at least $... Continue Reading →

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